Publish template for JavaScript solution

I’ve just finished a publish template for Flash to use with the “insertFlash” generic JavaScript solution for the upcoming IE changes. You can download the file here, simply drop it in the First Run/HTML folder of your Flash install directory and restart Flash.

You can then specify the “IE Changes Workaround” publish template in the publish settings dialog (File > Publish Settings). The exported HTML requires the file insertFlash.js to be located in the same directory for the JavaScript Flash embed to work.

There has also been an update to “insertFlash” itself, it now supports setting the required Flash player version and align property by specifying the “version” and “align” properties in the params argument.


[Update] The “insertFlash” JavaScript code was just updated due to a problem with not specifying a value for the version attribute.


6 thoughts on “Publish template for JavaScript solution

  1. aSH says:

    Great contribution Peter.
    Thank you.

  2. nice one!

    now, on to updating my sites… 😉

  3. B says:

    excellent.. best solution so far :o)

  4. Alex says:

    Here’s a suggested update to deal with flashvars and includes the color in the embed tag – I think this was missed..

    function insertFlash(swf,width,height,bgcolor,params,pairs) {
    // set default bgcolor if not provided
    if(!bgcolor || bgcolor==””) bgcolor = “#FFFFFF”;

    //parse pairs
    var flashvars=””;
    var writeAmp=false;
    for(var i in pairs){
    if (writeAmp){flashvars=flashvars+”&”;}else{writeAmp=true;}

    if(!params) params = new Object();
    if(!params.version) params.version = “6,0,0,0”;
    if(!params.FlashVars) params.FlashVars=flashvars;

    // parse parameters
    var objectParams = “”;
    var embedParams = “”;
    for(var i in params) {
    objectParams += “n”;
    embedParams += i+”=”+params[i];

    // write the object

  5. Alex says:

    er…the code in that post above didn’t come out quite right…

  6. Peter Elst says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Alex, the code came through alright, I’ll see what’s going wrong with it in the comments section.

    Ofcourse FlashVars could already be used by specifying them in the object that gets passed to the script as an object. Color in the embed tag is an ommision on my part, that will soon get fixed. Thanks for the feedback!

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