New Orleans – we care

“what we do in life echoes in eternity”

Inspired by those words Bart Stassen, a regular at our MMUG Belgium, took a week off work, bought himself a plane ticket and flew out to New Orleans to help clean out homes struck by hurricane Katrina.

I can only applaud him for flying halfway across the world to help out and make a difference. Imagine a world where more people took such selfless action, imagine …

Read Bart’s story and support him by visiting the website below:


One thought on “New Orleans – we care

  1. Bart Stassen says:

    Hi Peter, Hi world,

    Thanx for the kind words.
    I’m just a simple Belgian really that got a wake up call from someone … over here they call it God, but over here, they call everything that is out of the ordinary : GOD 🙂

    I call it, stepping of the pedestal for just a minute, looking at my life and at the world I’m living in and then realising that I’m not the one that it’s all about … it really isn’t , altho we like to think so …

    I’m trying to make a difference here … together with all those other volunteers that have sacrifieced their hollidays , their time they normally spend with family or friends.

    Over here … people don’t give a f*** if you think Bush is a complete idiot or not … so stop judging the American people for that … people that live in the Ninth Ward don’t give a rats ass about politics … their lives have been ruined and need help … from anyone …

    besides that , if you’ve never been to the States before , stop judging people from what you hear on tv or from your friends … they are just people like us … and if I may add … they are much more friendly , relaxed, socially engaged then us … for me (thats personal) they could serve as an example.

    But for now … I’m just gutting more houses of poor and not so poor hard working good civilians…

    Kind regards,
    Bart Stassen
    live from New Orleans

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