Anyone got Joost?

Looks like Keith’s prayers were heard — so here’s my blatant spam post to see if anyone has a Joost invite lying around with my name on it. Willing to trade for a Jaxtr invite 😉

I’m currently testing TVU Player (under Parallels of course, its windows only) which isn’t all that pretty but does the trick. Not entirely confident about its legal status though.

Can’t believe I’m falling for this whole marketing hype trap, the oldest trick in the web 2.0 book, but would really like to give it a whirl — peter dot elst at gmail dot com is waiting for you.


2 thoughts on “Anyone got Joost?

  1. Keith Peters says:

    Yeah, not sure who gave me one, but it happened pretty quickly. If I had any to give, I’d share, but I got nothing.

  2. alessandro says:

    ask this guy on flickr, he wrote part of the metadata backend apparently :

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