Adobe MAX Chicago is a wrap

This was my first MAX conference and have to say that Ted and the team did an outstanding job! Its difficult to compare this to other conferences we know and love simply because of scale — if you think about the logistics of dealing with 4300 attendees that is pretty mind blowing.

It was clear that they’re taking a new direction with the conference and making it more community driven, which I can only applaud. The attendance numbers are a reflection of that change I’m sure.

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to catch all that many sessions, a couple I really enjoyed and would like to highlight are “Flash Player Internals” and “Local Database Access with Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) and Data Synchronization Strategies”. Those were the type of sessions you rarely see presented anywhere else.

Of course you have to mention the keynotes and more so the sneak peek sessions. Those really convinced me that MAX is a conference not to be missed and am already looking forward to Adobe MAX 2008 in San Francisco to see how many of those sneak peeks made it through.

The flu caught up with me eventually and would like to apologize for those of you that wanted to see my “Introduction to OOP with ActionScript 3.0” session today. My earlier presentation of this session on Monday has been recorded using Connect and believe will be released by Adobe at some point. Feel free to email me if you’ve got any burning questions and I’ll get back to you asap.

I’ve got just over a week to recover and get to do it all over again for MAX Barcelona, looking forward to meeting up with friends and colleagues from all over Europe.


4 thoughts on “Adobe MAX Chicago is a wrap

  1. Den Ivanov says:

    Tranx a lot for your videos mate! They very cool.

  2. Foomer says:

    Good video!! Thanx o lot! Nice work!

  3. Rich says:

    Sorry to hear you were sick.
    I was one of the 30 or so people waiting to see you that last day at MAX. I don’t think folks were as upset with you not being there (things happen) as they were with not getting any word from Adobe for about 20 minutes and then closing the presentation with no backup plan after 30 minutes. They just told us “see if you can step in to watch other presentations”. I suppose I cannot complain too much. All the presentations I saw were worth while. I just wish someone from Adobe had had the wherewithal to come in and start something, maybe taken us to had the airbus guys come by with halo3 or something 😉

    Could you post when your presentation appears online?


  4. Peter says:

    Rich, that’s a real shame — just heard today myself that the message didn’t reach the people in charge. Had hoped they just ran my recorded session from earlier that week.

    In any case, I’ll be posting my powerpoint notes soon and hope that they’ll release the recording. If not will schedule in another session after Barcelona and make that available.

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