Papervision3D Simplified

This session by Seb Lee-Delisle was my favorite technical session of this years Flash on the Beach. The most approachable presentation of Papervision3D I’ve seen to date and its definitely inspired me to pick it up again for future projects.

You can download the source code for this talk from Seb’s website.


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  1. just blogged “Papervision3D Simplified” —

  2. Seb’s session:

    >Can it make someone gasp or cry?
    No, but it made me laugh. +1

    >Does it feel as special as a love letter?
    No, but it did feel special like a top 10 from Late night with David Letterman. +1

    >Does it truly represent our time?
    Flying 3d Cows in Space never go out of style. +1

    >Will it be relevant in 25 years?
    See above. +1

    >Does it say something that’s never been said before?
    Yes, you can have flying cows in space, and no one can stop you from doing it. 🙂 +1

    >Does it compare to the masterpieces of other mediums?
    I’d rather watch flying cows in Space than stare at a painting by a guy that cut off his own ear. +1

    >Could it have gone further?
    No. Flying Cows as paddles in a 3D Ping Pong game? Ha ha ha. I think it went as far as it could go without getting “truly” insane. 🙂 +1

    Hey, perfect score. 🙂

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  4. […] Peter Elst has considered it the best technical presentation of the festival, and he has recorded it and posted the video. Moreover, Seb has also posted the source code of the examples in his presentation […]

  5. Xed says:


    Awesome presentation.

    is it possible to download this video from somewhere?


  6. Peter says:

    I believe if you join vimeo and go to the URL below you’ll find a link near the bottom right of the page that allows you to download the original video file.

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  8. Ainsly Heriot says:

    Anyone else ever noticed Seb is like a younger version of Antony Worrall Thompson ?

  9. […] You can view Seb’s example files and thoughts on the conference on his blog. Peter Elst also has a good overview and some video of Seb’s session on his blog. […]

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