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I continue to be impressed with all the amazing research projects being worked on at Adobe, this one is called “Interactive Video Object Manipulation” and it does well… video object manipulation.

Can’t wait to see this project mature and hopefully make it into one of the software tools as a feature. Congratulations to the team working on this!
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9 thoughts on “Adobe Creative Technologies Lab

  1. RT @peterelst: just blogged “Adobe Creative Technologies Lab” — Amazing project, check Peter’s post at his blog

  2. just blogged “Adobe Creative Technologies Lab” —

  3. Dave Gamez says:

    Amazing project Peter, can wait to see how this develops in the future

  4. Anton Mills says:

    Fantastic. Were starting to see a lot more integration with video through this and augmented reality. Looking forward to seeing this in action. Exciting times :]

  5. Wow! Really slick. I love it.

  6. erikbianchi says:

    WOW! Being able to pose people for a photo is really a RAD idea.


  7. […] 看了一段视频,很震撼:,adobe的工程师真是很好很强大。 […]

  8. John says:

    I knew that those kind of effects can be created with Adobe After Effects, but still, with this you can do it in a few seconds.

    Just about when I was starting to learn After Effects. Now should I invest time in learning the old program, or should I wait for the next and focus on something else until then? Tough question…

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