Moderator AIR application

Moderator AIR application

I recently found out about a very useful AIR application called “Moderator” created by Danny Dura, Platform Evangelist at Adobe. What the application does is give you access to your comment moderation queue if you’re running a WordPress blog.

Installation is very easy, you first install a WordPress plugin and activate it, then download and install the Moderator AIR application. You’ll be prompted to log in with your blog administrator credentials and endpoint, usually that is the xmlrpc.php file inside your blog installation directory.

You can specify in the settings how often the application should check the moderation queue and when comments show up you can simply choose to accept, mark as spam or delete.

I’m really pleased with the app, saves me from constantly having my blog admin open in a tab of my browser and manually hitting refresh all the time.

From what I’ve heard Danny is going to add Growl notification support in an upcoming update which would be a great enhancement. Two thumbs up!

More information and download here:


5 thoughts on “Moderator AIR application

  1. just blogged “Moderator AIR application” —

  2. Tink says:

    You don’t get an email when there a new comment for moderation?

    Saves me having to have yet another app open to do a menial task.

  3. Peter says:

    Recently switched on full comment moderation because none of the anti-spam plugins I tried worked very well.

    Get an average of about 20 comments a day, a good deal of which is spam. This app lets me quickly manage the moderation queue without having to go through my inbox, open the emails and click the appropriate link to accept, mark as spam or delete. Just a matter of convenience.

  4. Adrian Parr says:

    Hi Peter,

    Have you tried ‘WP-SpamFree’ plugin to stop WordPress comment spam?

    I was getting loads, and tried quite a few different plugins. The best one I came across was ‘WP-SpamFree’.

    I glogged about it here …

    It has pretty much reduced my comment spam to zero! Highly reccommended.

    All the best,


  5. Peter says:

    Thanks for that Adrian, will definitely give it a try!

    For some reason Akismet is no longer doing a good job for me and Spam Karma has been discontinued.

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