Flash Catalyst at Web 2.0 Expo

Kevin Lynch did a great keynote featuring Flash Catalyst at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco.

I particularly like presentations like this — no nonsense, just a quick overview of interesting product features applied to a real world application.

Of course there were some “here’s one I made earlier” moments but still quite impressive how quickly you can go from a design to a functioning prototype. I’ve been a bit ambivalent about Flash Catalyst (previously known as Thermo) in the past but its shaping up to be a great product.

I’m not quite convinced Flash Catalyst should become a separate tool, if I’m not mistaken its also built on an Eclipse code base (not that you could easily tell) and at the moment it looks more like a Flex Builder design view on steroids. In any case, good to have a tool like this to move away from the default component look and feel and bring some creative expression to the Flex framework.




4 thoughts on “Flash Catalyst at Web 2.0 Expo

  1. Ryan Stewart says:

    Hey Peter, thanks for blogging.

    When I first heard and saw what was then “Thermo”, I thought the same thing – that it would be a great design view for Flex Builder. Since then I’ve realized that it wouldn’t work very well that way.

    I think Catalyst is going to be a great tool for Flex developers who are feeling creative, but ultimately, it’s a designer tool. If you’re good in Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, etc; then Catalyst is your tool. In a lot of cases, unless the designer is working with a developer, they may not even know or care that it’s Flex under the hood. They’re just creating a SWF.

    So in order to make this tool really, really accessible for designers, we wouldn’t want to make it part of Flex Builder.

    If you have more thoughts on it, I’d be interested in hearing them (either here in comments or via email).


  2. Deepak MS says:

    Agreed! It was pretty terse and quick overview on the potential ability of the product and nothing more, nor less 🙂
    Looks like it would be the best tool for UI designers!

    Any idea when is it getting released?

  3. Ryan Stewart says:

    @Deepak MS,still a ways out. First quarter of next year is the release date. We’ll be doing a public beta late May/early June.


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