A Closer Look at Mobile Vikings

Mobile VikingsIf you live in Belgium chances are you will have heard about Mobile Vikings, a new MVNO on the market — one of their main objectives is to offer free mobile internet as part of their prepaid offer.

Now that might not sound very impressive but in Belgium mobile data tariffs are through the roof. The cheapest mobile data plans you can get are typically around the 10 Euro/month mark for a couple of 100MB. Mobile Vikings offers an ‘unlimited’ data plan (which is not quite unlimited, but rather has a fair use policy of 1GB). Truth be told that is probably more than enough for my mobile data use at the moment.


While considering to switch over and browsing their website I still had some questions and contacted the helpdesk for more information. I got a response within an hour or so and wanted to share what I was told about their offer:

Mobile Vikings uses a prepaid plan, every time you top up 15 Euro you get 30 days worth of:

  • unlimited internet (1GB ‘fair use policy’)
  • 1000 free SMS messages (national)


Since this is a prepaid plan the 15 Euro can be used as a balance to pay for voice and SMS in case you send more than 1000 text messages/month (which seems unlikely). Any remaining balance rolls over the next month, you are required to top up at least once every 6 months to make sure you keep your credit. Your mobile number stays active for 12 months after your last top up.

As you might expect the rates for voice calls are a bit more expensive than you typically get at 0,24 Euro/minute — though its the same price for landlines and national mobile numbers (any network). If you work it out you get 62,5 minutes worth of call time for your 15 Euro top up.

All in all this is quite an interesting offer for internet junkies like me, unfortunately since they partner with BASE the mobile data goes over GPRS/EDGE while 3G would obviously be a lot more appealing. Still, this is probably the best offer out there if you are primarily interested in mobile internet and I quite like the idea you’re not tied into an x month long contract.

If anyone is interested in joining Mobile Viking (Belgium only I’m sorry to say), I’ve got a couple of invitation codes left — just leave a comment.



19 thoughts on “A Closer Look at Mobile Vikings

  1. Interesting, but far from what you can get in other EU countries like France or UK 😦 Anyway it’s a good initiative…

    Belgium should wake up and look at their neighbors for Internet and Mobile rates and plan: It’s way overpriced for what we’re getting!

  2. Kristof says:

    I can get really unlimited mobile internet access for 10 euro, here in Dutchland (T-mobile). It’s incredible how Belgium still lives in Communication’s Dark Ages … Datarates all over, low bandwidth and expensive subscription plans.

  3. dimitrivh says:

    Hi folks,

    Base is planning on rolling out its 3G network in the major Belgian cities starting from Q4 2009.
    If this will be enabled for MVNO’s is not clear. If it is, I might start using my Mobile Vikings SIM that’s now unused for 2 months or so…

    Some reading material on the 3G plans of Base (Dutch) http://www.elektrozine.be/ez/artikeldetail.php?artid=4205.


  4. sebastian says:

    O, I don’t know there excist some operators in Belgium. This looks nice.
    Are there yet some invitation codes available? I’m interested! 😀

  5. Peter says:

    Thanks for the info Dimitri, sounds somewhat promising 😉 I’ll email you an invitation code Sebastian.

  6. Interesting indeed !
    Should look into this for on the road.

  7. TK says:

    That’s such a bummer in terms of the limits! I have AT&T in the US of A and they don’t limit my internet usage. I’m paying around $160 a month for 2 phones and a 50kb/s connection, but hey! it’s unlimited internet. Here’s hoping that the whole world can get something similar for a fair price!

    – TK

  8. rdecock says:

    Interesting stuff. Can you share an invitation code for Mobile Vikings with me? Thx!

  9. Karim says:

    sounds very interesting
    could I possibly get an invitation code?

    bedankt op voorhand :p



  10. Davy says:

    if you still got invitation codes left… I could use one…

    Alvast bedankt 🙂

  11. xavan says:

    Congratulation for your review.
    It would be nice if you can send me an invitation code.
    Thanks in advance

  12. Tom Nys says:

    Great review!
    Do you still have an invitation code left? I’d sure appreciate it!

  13. Edouard says:


    I found out about Mobile Vikings and it’s quite great, i wish i could have an invitation code so if you got some left, could you send me one?

    Do they cover the whole country with EDGE?


  14. JB says:


    zitten er nog invitation codes in de pot?
    Alvast bedankt.


  15. […] was very impressed to see Mobile Vikings (see earlier post) released an API that allows us to get hold of our account […]

  16. aradilon says:

    Ja ik zou er ook eentje kunnen gebruike, bij voorbaat dank.

  17. Ilias says:

    Ik wil ook wel een invitatationcode.

    Alvast bedankt!

  18. Stef says:

    Ik ben ook nog op zoek naar een invitatie code


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