FlashCamp San Francisco video

Sometimes I really wish I worked over in San Francisco — now and again Adobe does these great meet ups, like recently happened with FlashCamp. They’ve put the video of the presentations online including a keynote by CTO Kevin Lynch and the following topics:

These are some really good in depth presentations that I can highly recommend you check out!

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3 thoughts on “FlashCamp San Francisco video

  1. 열이아빠의 생각…

    최신의 플래시 플랫폼 이야기를 비디오로 플래시캠프 샌프란시스코 비디오 공개…..

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  3. Ryan Stewart says:

    Wish you could have been there. Or that we could have taken this on the road. It’s tough to get that many engineers and PMs on the road though to present 🙂


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