Social Media Addicts Association

Addicted to Twitter or Facebook? The Social Media Addicts Association can help you.

SMAA is run by reformed social media addicts who all had the courage to stand up and admit to their problem. Will you stop poking people you haven’t seen since college, and join us?

With me closing in on 8000 tweets, reaching an average of 8.6 posts a day and finding it necessary to add Facebook and Twitter login features to this blog, this initiative couldn’t have come at a better time. Kudos to Nascom and Sony VAIO for this fun viral campaign.


4 thoughts on “Social Media Addicts Association

  1. dimitrivh says:

    Maybe you should add your own video? 😉

  2. Yes Peter, you should add your own video!! 🙂
    thx for the post

  3. lol I love it and Im addicted too!

  4. […] the SMAA campaign hilarious. I was not aware of the concept of “poking” on Facebook until now. (via) AKPC_IDS += "1321,"; Posted under Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Beautiful Web, Fun, RIA Resource, […]

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