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After some discussions earlier this week, it became apparent not everyone is aware of Adobe’s public bug base where you can have your voice heard and vote up bugs important to you.

I thought it might be interesting to highlight the current top 5 highest voted open feature requests across the various projects.

  • FB-19053 – Flex Builder on Linux (433 votes)
  • FP-1060 – Flash Player support for FreeBSD (157 votes)
  • FP-1499 – Global Runtime Exception Handling (143 votes)
  • FP-273 – Acoustic Echo Cancellation support (141 votes)
  • FP-37 – AMD64 support needed in Linux (136 votes)

These feature requests already have quite a bit of support behind them but you might want to browse the Adobe Bug Base yourself to vote up things important to you, or submit your own bugs and feature requests.


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  1. Tek says:

    You can have all the Flash Player feature requests sorted by votes number bookmarking this link :

    You also can customize your Jira navigator to add it a votes column. It gives you something like :

    You also can give a link to the feature requests you report with :

    The only thing we can’t do is to give users a link to our voted features request, as votes are anonymous. I’ve searched a bit in Jira documentation, but I don’t think we even can ask Adobe to configure votes per user as custom field in search panel. I think that’s not possible.

  2. James Ward says:

    Hi Peter,

    Actually there are some higher voted issues than some of those:
    Ability to intercept system error dialogs (386 votes)

    Incorrect unicode input in linux (220 votes)

    Unacceptable CPU Use on Idle (210 votes)

    Passing Actionscript generated PCM audio data to the sound-card (171 votes)

    linux Flash Player 9.0.124 plays video with very low frame rates (169 votes)

    A Maven2 plugin to integrate Flex into enterprise projects and continuous integration (144 votes)

    And some other highly voted ones:

    Source code formatter (124 votes)

    flash player fails to properly scale and play back video (121 votes)

    Flash movies over all the elements (119 votes)

    Open Microphone Object in Flash Player (111 votes)

    [AS4] Threading (110 votes)

    Dynamic Proxies (103 votes)

    [external] Customizing Flash Context Menus (99 votes)

    If these bugs or feature requests impact you then please vote and comment on the bugs.


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  4. Matt Giger says:

    When will they ever get mousewheel support for the Mac?

  5. W to the T to the F? This is clearly an example of a vocal minority urging Adobe to focus on a few very niche features. This is the type of noise that took Flash from being an excellent interactive web animation tool to a needlessly complex development platform, just to garner approval from programming purists and assorted eggheads.

    Seriously though, this list is nonsense. i can’t count the number of times i’ve tried to resize the tool pallettes in Flash CS4 from the top, only to find that the resize control is at the bottom and i can’t get to it because the pallette is trailing off the bottom of my monitor display, and i’ve thought to myself “gee – Flash really needs acoustic echo cancellation support.”

  6. Peter says:


    Great, thanks for those tips – its not very intuitive how you get hold of that information.


    Thanks for stopping by James, I just filtered for open feature requests, you do have a good list of bugs and feature requests there!


    Here is the feature request for mousewheel support on Mac, you can vote for the issue and watch it to be alerted of any updates.

    Don’t really agree with you there Ryan, the fact that there are so many votes for things like “acoustic echo cancellation” is an indication that is a major show-stopper for some developers.

    What I do think is a problem is that relatively minor annoyances typically don’t get reported because people don’t take the trouble to submit it.

    The example you gave about palette resizing in Flash CS4 is definitely a valid one but wouldn’t be listed there since Flash authoring is not a project on the open bug base.

    You can see the list of projects currently available on the open bug base system here:

  7. TJ Downes says:


    cool website, I wanted to say off the start!

    I feel your feelings may be a bit biased. I played with Flash for years. Im not a programming purist. I just really didn’t like ActionScript, nor did I like using the Flash tools. Once AS3 was released the tooling for developers became a lot better and coding with AS was a lot more fun and enjoyable.

    I understand that a lot of designers didn’t like the changes to AS. After all, it required actually learning OO programming concepts, which are not easy. But overall the changes have made the language more efficient, the tooling much better and many more serious developers came on board. It was a much needed change and has launched the entire Flash Platform into an entirely new light, a serious development platform.

    The reason you are seeing these votes are because of the influx of developers to the platform. We are stretching the limits of the language and runtime. We are doing things just couldn’t be done in AS2, or that designers really weren’t trying to take advantage of.

    I feel these accurately reflect the needs of the Flash developer community. Maybe the Flash design community just needs to be more vocal about their needs too?

  8. Yes, please everyone vote for the mousewheel on Mac! It must be something REALLY off the wall difficult for why this has not happened yet. The high profile flash apps that do scroll on a Mac are using javascript workarounds to capture the mousewheel in the browser and call a function in Flash.

  9. Tomsamson says:

    While i appreciate being open about bug and feature tracking
    there are several big problems with this
    . First of all many designers i talk to are not used to submitting vug reports and feature requests on jira etc making those services with very squewed representation of what the majority would actually like. Then some known developer bloggers squew it even further by hyping up what is important to them on their blogs so it gets voted up. Totally understandablr of course but just embraces the problem. Then its also not exactly motivating on the other hand to see things mentioned and ranked high in the list partially still not getting addressed for a very long time. Not to just moan, whst about adding other feedback mechanisms into the mix to get reallly broad userbase feedback? Reallly briadly public alphas and betas, public surveys like private beta surveys, more regular updates abd bigger quality ensurance and dupport teams

  10. Tomsamson says:

    Hope the post made sense, in either case its at least useful as example for showing why one should reread stuff one writes with a cell phone keyboard before pressing submit =( =)

  11. Chuck says:

    Our bug for “Open Microphone Object” is close to the top 5 with 111 votes. It would be great to have more attention and traction as I know so many are looking for this feature. Learn more at our community site:

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