Adobe MAX 2009 Predictions

Less than 50 days to go before this years Adobe MAX in Los Angeles — time to go on the record about some of my predictions.

I expect the following focus areas:

  • Mobile and devices
  • Open Screen Project
  • AIR 2.0



  • Public beta of next version of AIR
  • Announcement of Flex Builder on Linux
  • Celebrity guest appearance


  • Flash Builder getting re-rebranded to Flex Builder
  • Apple taking the stage and announcing Flash on iPhone
  • Microsoft invited up to talk about Silverlight support in AIR

Now for the difficult bit, the sneak peeks — some wild guesses and wishful thinking here:

This is part of what makes MAX such a great conference to me — no matter how clued up you are with what is going on at Adobe — there will always be some surprises. I’d love to hear your predictions!


9 thoughts on “Adobe MAX 2009 Predictions

  1. Darren says:

    There actually is a session entitled, “Preview: Adobe AIR Applications on Mobile Devices” on the Tuesday at 1:30 p.m., so that wild guess/wishful thinking may not be too wild or wishful.

  2. Peter says:

    That’s true Darren, good catch — though mobile devices might still be a ways off current in market smartphones (which is what I’m really hoping to see).

    Think they showed AIR running on a MID last year so its definitely being worked on.

  3. Tyler Egeto says:

    I’d really like to see some AIR 2.0 information, time line estimations for the release would be awesome. There has to be some great things cooking up for it.

  4. Matthew Fabb says:

    Flash Builder with better integration with the Flash IDE. Ted Patrick has mentioned this will be in the keynote, the only question is whether this will a batch for Flash CS4 so that it can be used in the near term with the Flash Builder 4 beta, or if this is a preview of a feature in Flash CS5.

    More Flash on televisions, with more deals announced with major hardware brands.

    Wish list/Guessing
    Multitouch seems to be coming for the mobile version of Flash Player 10, but with Windows 7 including multi-support coming out in October, now would be a good time to include the functionality in the desktop version as well, even if it’s just in beta.

    Some cool video stabilizing functionality in the sneak peaks as seen here (found the link vai JD from Adobe):
    Or perhaps that that’s still too soon in the research side of things and we will be seeing it instead in MAX 2010. šŸ™‚

  5. Max says:

    Hm, I honestly do hope that flash will be available on windows mobile.. I mean it is a possibility, but I don’t think it will happen sometime this upcoming year…

    I actually do think that flash will be available on the iPhone, sooner than it will be available on windows mobile..

  6. Peter says:


    Shantanu Narayen, Adobe’s CEO, has explicitly said during the Q1 2009 financial earnings conference call that Flash Player builds for mobile on Google Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian, and Palm WebOS would be made available at the MAX conference in October.

    I have no reason to doubt that, given how big a focus there seems to be on mobile sessions this year.

    Personally not seeing any indications Apple is considering allowing Flash Player deployment on the iPhone — though that would of course be very welcome to a lot of people.

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  8. youtube says:

    Iā€™d really like to see some AIR 2.0 information, time line estimations for the release would be awesome. There has to be some great things cooking up for it.

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