Flash on the Beach 2009 schedule

Its that time of the year again, just two weeks to go before this years edition of Flash on the Beach takes place.

Here’s the list of sessions I plan to attend:

September 20th

iPhone App Development for Flash Developers workshop – Julian Dolce

September 21th

Adobe Keynote – Richard Galvan
Casual Game Architecture – Keith Peters
Visualizing Voice – Chuck Freedman
Who’s A Bright Spark Then! – Mike Jones
Cybernetic Art Revisited – Dr. Woohoo!
Telling Stories – Hillman Curtis
Epiphany – Joel Gethin Lewis

September 22th

3 Minute Wonders – Elevator pitch
Leaving the Sandbox – Joa Ebert
Application Frameworks – Richard Lord
Numbers in Art – Joel Baumann
Unconventional Web Applications – Contrast
Choose Your Own Adventure – Craig Swann

September 23th

Play with Vectors! – Koen De Weggheleire
Can play well with others – Stacey Mulcahy
Work/Play – Seb Lee-Delisle
6 Speakers – 10 Mins Each – Jam Throwdown
Research Realtime graphics with Flash 10 – Ralph Hauwert
Space – Joshua Davis

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