The Secret Life of a Flash Freelancer

This year I did a completely different session at Flash on the Beach, talking about what it takes to go freelance as a Flash developer — what are the challenges and opportunities that await you.

It seemed to go down really well and was very happy with the feedback I got. For those of you that asked, here are the slides of my talk and feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email if you have any further questions.

The conference so far has been excellent, I’ll be sure to blog a roundup of the various sessions as soon as I get home. The highlight so far for me was definitely Joa Ebert showing off his code optimizer tool (70 fps to 500 fps), Java and C# to SWF compiler. Everyone here is still buzzing about that!



14 thoughts on “The Secret Life of a Flash Freelancer

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  2. It makes me think about Freelancing again… thanks Peter! 🙂 Hardest part for me will be to manage family vs work… need a clone maybe?

  3. Sean Moore says:

    Hey Peter,

    Some really good advice in this slideshow. I’m sure the preso was great. Anyone interested in freelancing will benefit from the info that Peter’s given here!


  4. Great slides! All good advice.

  5. Nice presentation. I think a lot of this is good advice for salaried employees as well.

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  8. Star says:

    Thank you for posting your slides. I went to your presentation and I really loved it. Im not a freelancer but it definitly has some good advice for employees as well. Unfortunatly i had to step out the session a bit earlier because I was ill at FOB. Really felt terrible that i missed the last part so I’m really really happy you posted them.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. flashmech says:

    Hey Peter! Almost seems like it’s for me! loL~ Way cool. Many thanks for posting the slides! 😀

  10. Jeff says:

    Hi Peter,

    I wasn’t at FOTB, but I really like these slides. They turn out to be a great checklist too, whenever one is being asked for a new project :-),

    thank you,


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  12. Christophe says:

    I really like the slides – totally agree on the contents. Difference between advice and solutions is an important point …

  13. Thomas says:

    Hi Peter,

    toffe slides, ik ben er met veel aandacht doorgegaan. Ben zelf een bedrijfje aan het opstarten (Gladiator) en vond het interessant je visie en kijk op deze materie te ontdekken 🙂

    I’ll keep you posted, mobile mobile mobile! 🙂



  14. Peter says:

    hey Thomas, bedankt voor de feedback makker en success met het nieuwe bedrijf!

    Laat zeker nog wat van je horen, zie je in New York voor “Flash and the City” of misschien wat eerder.

    Take care,

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