Flash across screens and devices

Exciting times if you’re working with Flash Platform technologies, the idea of deploying the same codebase to multiple screens is really taking shape and I for one couldn’t be happier.

AIR already allowed us to go cross platform with desktop apps (Windows, Mac and Linux), obviously the Flash Player allows the same across browsers and now with devices you can run your code on Palm webOS, Android devices and even package as apps for iPhone and the new iPad.

Christian Cantrell of the AIR team did an excellent demo on creating an application that automatically lays itself out based on the available screen real estate.

I’m pleasantly surprised about performance they’ve been able to achieve, that is one area I honestly had my doubts about but they seem to have pulled it off with flying colors (a testament to Flash Player 10.1 mobile optimization).

While we can argue all day long about Apple’s decision not to have Flash Player support in their iPhone OS browser or how HTML5 is increasingly becoming an alternative to Flash — this to me emphasizes the power of the Flash Platform tools and why it has a bright future ahead.

Thank you Adobe engineers for being lazy! 😉


One thought on “Flash across screens and devices

  1. I just gave a preso yesterday at a mobile bar camp here in Boston on the Build Once, Deploy to Many problem and had good attendance for such a small event.

    There are LOTS of people working to tackle this challenge now, so it’s not Adobe just blowing smoke.

    It’s always been Build Once, Tweak for Many with Flash Lite in the past … with Flash Player 10.1, the player parity will be the closest it’s ever been.

    The notion of Multiscreen Flash is becoming less of a pipe dream and more of a reality each day. However, I think Adobe is a little over the top when they keep saying “Flash Everywhere”, right now … perhaps later this year it’ll be less annoying when partners actually release player bits, publicly. 🙂

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