Adobe Flash Platform Summit coming soon

I was happy to hear Adobe is organizing a huge two day conference in Bangalore, India on August 25th and 26th. The Adobe Flash Platform Summit will no doubt be the place to be if you want to learn about their latest technologies and network with other industry professionals. The first day will cover mostly development and the second day is targeted at designers.

I’ve been lucky enough to speak at both the Adobe DevSummit and Flex@Beach in Chennai and I look forward to being at this event as well representing our small web agency, Project Cocoon.

Now for the even better news, I have some discount codes I can give away to people interested to attend that give you almost 70% off on the ticket price. If you are interested and want to get one, just leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on the future of the Flash Platform. What features would you like to see supported? How do you see the technology being adopted in India? Are there any obstacles to overcome?

The three most creative entries also get a book of their choice thanks to Friends of ED. Winners will be contacted on Thursday evening IST, so please leave a valid email address. If there are more entries than I have available discount codes the winners will be randomly chosen.

Hope to see you in Bangalore this August!


8 thoughts on “Adobe Flash Platform Summit coming soon

  1. Rahim Naik says:

    Flash platform has a bright future. I am a flex developer with 3+ experience of developing RIAs. Flex has a good set of data visualisation components. I want OlapDatagrid control to be interactive and should support multidimensional data (as it supports only flat data).

  2. Arindam Biswas says:

    Booked 4 tickets on the second day itself but would love a couple more guys. Am very very excited about having AIR on Android and hoping that it takes off with the ushering in of opportunities and devices by the end of the year.

    Hope to see ya at the summit and exchange notes and yes, probably visit Pondi at some point in time. 🙂

  3. Ashwin says:


    Flash is a great platform and is only going to get better in the future. I feel we need Indic Language support for common languages like Hindi, Telugu, Gujrathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil etc. Also AIR on Symbian / Meego devices will be a cool thing to have. Third party developers would love to see AIR being the de facto RIA platform for their cool apps.

  4. sukesh says:

    I like Building apps On Flex….I feel that the future of flash platform is very good…With More and more operating systems like android givin wonderful flash support will make this platform grow….I would like to see an os like thing from adobe which will be capable of running Air apps and RIAs which will be running directly over a hardware or unix kernel..This would be great…just a imagination..!!!

  5. prima says:

    Hello,I am newbie in a flash platform…i would like to know more and develop with this platform…im learnin flex web apps…also flash catalyst…but was not very much succesful…cos the only resource i have is net..i don hav training institutes here in mangalore…
    I would like to see more enhancements in camera and microphone access of flash players…these are not so great…if we get a better camera and microphone accesss then it would have been great…

  6. prima says:

    i have miss spelt my emailid in the above post….

  7. Sumit Arora says:

    Flash is a really cool technology which inspires innovation at every end. I have worked on various other technologies including PHP and .Net but the rate of innovation hasn’t been there which is in Flash platform. Flex framework brought a whole new dimension to the flash world after open sourcing flex the rate at which flex has grown is awesome.

    Augmented Reality
    Head Tracking
    Motion detection
    Facial Detection
    Air for Android etc.

    These are few things that make flash so awesome. It enhances user experience so much that one can not restrict himself from using it. Adobe and Community( with guys like you are constantly pushing the envelope and raising the bar for flash development. The process will go on with new ones joining in and Flash will continue to evolve no matter if one, two or few hundreds hate it until it sparks innovation.

    In the end i would only like to say
    “where ever there is innovation flash will be there”

    Innovation in Flash(

    See you all at summit.

  8. Sohil says:

    Build once and deploy on any platforms, that the mantra,
    Thanks Adobe!!!

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