Surprise, I've bought an iPad

I’m certainly not Apple’s biggest fan these last few months, there’s a lot left to be desired around many of their company policies, openness and developer relations.

That said I did get an iPad today. Why?

In many ways this device is breaking new ground in a tablet form factor that is going to be increasingly important in the next few years. Flawed as it might be feature wise, if you’re serious about mobile and devices this is something you should start looking into now.

At Project Cocoon we’re heavily invested in mobile application development and the iOS devices are part of that. Apart from iPhone and Android app development we were already doing, we’re now also fully equipped to develop iPad apps and plan to do so with a strong focus on user experience.

I needed a portable device for email, twitter and blogging at conferences with a battery that will get me through the day. My Sony VAIO barely making 3 hours and obviously being a lot bulkier to carry around, the iPad hit just the spot. It’ll be my device of choice to carry with me on days when not presenting.

HTML5 – no, its not a Flash killer but it is no doubt going to play an important role on the web. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years is to explore beyond the confines of your geeky comfort zone. This is also a way to force myself to learn the technology and start using it on iOS optimized mobile sites.

Apple has provided the only app store that has given me a decent amount of sales and monthly revenue coming in. I plan on porting most of my existing iPhone apps to iPad and there are several other ideas for apps that should see the light of day in the months to come.

Now, let there be no doubt I’m still very much committed to Flash Platform technologies and convinced it has a bright future ahead across desktop and devices.

To make me feel slightly better about supporting Apple with my purchase I’ll probably want to jailbreak my iPad at the earliest convenience, do my application prototyping from Flash with the iPhone packager and perhaps distribute some unsigned apps for others on jailbroken devices 🙂



11 thoughts on “Surprise, I've bought an iPad

  1. I knew you would cave in. 😉

  2. Brock says:

    “On IOS optimized websites”

    Loved that one. You really are going outside of your geeky comfort zone.

    Enjoy the iPad. It really is great.

  3. Eric Dolecki says:

    Yup, enjoy it. It’s an amazing device. I am commenting from mine right now.

  4. Narayanan says:

    Though there are moments of not being able to view the occasional Flash site, I find that the incidences occuring less and less. The ipad is truly the mobile device for me so much that I have stopped using my iPhone. I carry a dumb Nokia and a Mifi for wireless-only iPad –an ideal combo in my case.

  5. Yesterday I touched for the first time an iPad but I’m still doubtful. I’m very convinced that a tablet could change my approach to mobile computing (my 17” is definitely too heavy) but I don’t think that I could truly enjoy an iPad due to its lacks (flash platform obviously, but others too…)

    Moreover, 3G or just wireless? what could be the best? am I really going to use it without a wireless connection?

    I still don’t know what to do with it, I’ll wait for you to come back to this post and share your opinions, in the meanwhile I’ll spend that money for my vacations 😀 (how long can last a 700€ mojito?)


  6. aaron says:

    Greetings to all,

    I’ve been hearing a lot about tablets lately – there are a several to choose from, but they are also very expensive. You seem to know something about them so maybe you can help me out. Why should I spend a lot of money buying a tablet from Apple or another firm, when instead I could just reach into my toilet bowl and grab something hand-held that’s just as shitty, but at a very small fraction of the cost?

  7. Darwin says:

    I’ll be happy when Flash dies and think it’s great that Apple is helping it do so. It’s a resource pig, slow, bloated, and insecure. I block it on my work and home PC’s and Macs so i sure don’t want it on a mobile device. Assuming Adobe can ever make it work well on one. Which is doubtful. Enjoy your iPad.

    Hey aaron..what other tablets? That Microsoft garbage?

  8. I’ll be waiting for the Android based devices from Google and Acer later this year. Apple’s closed, proprietary world is not for me thanks. With the debacle over CS5 iPhone packager, not to mention Antennagate, and condition for the workers in the factories that make their products, Apple are looking ever more the evil empire. All Jobs can do is spread lies about Flash and lies about his stupid telephone, while Bill Gates has almost eradicated polio from the world! I’m surprised you’ve gone for an iPad Peter – Apple may have sold many devices but their smartphone market share is shrinking and so will their tablet market share when the competition gets up to speed. Perhaps they’ll try slapping a few patent infringements as they have against HTC… all the more reason to dislike them and to marginalise & avoid their products.

  9. devu says:

    I am really sorry for you… If you are really Flash geek and want to enter the mobile world just go to Open Screen Project just take a look at latest Flash Platform promotional movie there is number of devices that can handle Flash and Html. Gosh… even my N900 can do this now and I don’t have to annoy people in the tube playing accelerometer based racing game on iPad. If you think this is the only choice, you are showing ignorance and lack of knowledge of the world you want to enter.

    Or just Apple’s adds working so well and brainwashing so many people. There is number of devices running on Linux, MeeGo is on the way, Android, Windows etc… that was before also long before Apple said “WE reinvented the [put any IShit you like here]”. Look for 2001 introduction of iPod on youtube. The only difference between that event is couple of letters after I. The Apple pattern is still the same.But people are a bit less.. hmm you can guess what i mean here.

    I am not surprised that customers taking everything whoever will convince them to do so. But developers/programmers especially those who know what does it means
    “your language is the limit of your world” I am surprised…

    I am not even saying Flash and only Flash or HTML5 or SL or whatever and only whatever. As long as we have competition everyone is the winner. But supporting Apple with their way to hegemony and dictatorship will bring us to monopoly issue once again and we can repeat the same mistake from the past M$ and Windows. I don’t have another one life to go through this same hell.

    And at least.. how you feel with overpaid for black logo on the back? Device itself has nothing to do with innovative, cutting-edge… so it must be the logo. Yea.. its really cool. but I preferred the rainbow one when Steve Wozniak was truly innovative engineer behind Apple. You can really call him Father of personal computing era. When he left Apple the only good thing about this company is memories.

  10. MartinB says:

    As a Flash Platform Geek, why don’t you have a Flash website?

  11. Peter Elst says:

    @MartinB – a full Flash blog doesn’t make a lot of sense for mostly text based content IMHO.

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