Big boys and their litl toys

There is a bit of a change of plan – rather than give an overview talk on open source projects in the community – I’ll be doing my session at Flash on the Beach on Flash Player 10.1 development and the litl webbook.

Ever since Flash and the City earlier this year I’ve been playing around with this somewhat unusual device and am sold on its potential. It is quite unlike the typical hackable geeky gadget I’m usually interested in but opens up opportunities for web enabled content feeds around the house and of course uses my favorite development platform.

I’ll be talking about how you can get started developing channels for this device using the developer SDK and test your work in the simulator or on the device itself. We’ll walk through various examples of channels and look at some creative use cases. I’ll also be covering best practices for Flash Player 10.1 on devices in general.

It’s going to be a fun session and will hopefully inspire you to start experimenting with Flash Player 10.1 content on the litl or a variety of other devices and form factors that are hitting the market.

Hope to see you there!


One thought on “Big boys and their litl toys

  1. It is a great device and I am very excited about developing for it too (I got mine after Flash and the City as well). Litl is actually going to have a heavy presence at RIA Unleashed as well in Boston, where they are based, including a workshop on developing for the litl device and a session covering Flash Gaming on TV – the latter I am especially excited about as Chuck Freedman tells me there’s going to be some exciting stuff in that.

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