Flash on the Beach 2010 schedule

In just under two weeks, we’ve got the 5th (sold out) edition of Flash on the Beach happening in Brighton and I haven’t missed a single year. As I do every year, I’ve gone over the schedule and made a list of sessions I am likely going to attend. See you there!

Monday, September 27th
Adobe Keynote
Conrad Winchester – Robotlegs and Signals
Rich Shupe – Meet LoaderMax
Lee Brimelow – Developing for the Mobile Web
Hoss Gifford – Things I have Learned
Robert Hodgin – Practice makes perfect, so what are you practicing?
Stefan Sagmeister – Design and Happiness

Tuesday, September 28th
The Elevator Pitch
Mike Chambers – High Performance Mobile Content with Flash
Joa Ebert – 1 1 7 11 21
Seb Lee-Delisle – What the Flux?
Veronique Brossier – Adobe AIR for Mobile Development
Nando Costa – The Other Side
Brendan Dawes – Makers of Things

Wednesday, September 29th
6 of the Best – 10 minutes each
Iain Lobb – Zero to Game Designer in 60 minutes
Ralph Hauwert – UnitZeroOne :: The Discontinuity
Frank Reitberger – Triangle affairs
Jared Tarbell – The Computational Artifact

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