FFK11 – beyond tellerrand

Just two more weeks before this years FFK conference in Cologne, Germany organized by Marc Thiele and Sascha Wolter. I’ve headed over a couple of times to attend workshops but this year I’m lucky enough to present at this great event!

I’m very excited to see the lineup of speakers and put together a draft schedule of sessions I don’t want to miss.

Wednesday April 6th
Adobe Keynote – Mike Chambers, Deepa Subramaniam
The Dawn of A New Era: Flash Builder and Flex SDK 4.5 – Deepa Subramaniam
Improved Technology – Joa Ebert
Integrating Flash and HTML5 – Mike Chambers
Beyond GUI – Wolfgang Henseler

Thursday April 7th
Into the molehill – An inside view – Malte Beyer
The game is on! – Michel Wacker
Don’t Hate the Player – Lee Brimelow
Keeping it Real – David Lenaerts
Exploring the Kinect – Dennis Ippel
Fillings for Rectangles – Brendan Dawes

My own session will be about P2P on the local network without a server using Flash Player and AIR . Its an updated version of the material I presented at Adobe MAX and FlashCamp Chennai.

Hope to see you there, tickets are still available if you didn’t get one yet!


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