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Flash on the Beach 2010 schedule

In just under two weeks, we’ve got the 5th (sold out) edition of Flash on the Beach happening in Brighton and I haven’t missed a single year. As I do every year, I’ve gone over the schedule and made a list of sessions I am likely going to attend. See you there!

Monday, September 27th
Adobe Keynote
Conrad Winchester – Robotlegs and Signals
Rich Shupe – Meet LoaderMax
Lee Brimelow – Developing for the Mobile Web
Hoss Gifford – Things I have Learned
Robert Hodgin – Practice makes perfect, so what are you practicing?
Stefan Sagmeister – Design and Happiness

Tuesday, September 28th
The Elevator Pitch
Mike Chambers – High Performance Mobile Content with Flash
Joa Ebert – 1 1 7 11 21
Seb Lee-Delisle – What the Flux?
Veronique Brossier – Adobe AIR for Mobile Development
Nando Costa – The Other Side
Brendan Dawes – Makers of Things

Wednesday, September 29th
6 of the Best – 10 minutes each
Iain Lobb – Zero to Game Designer in 60 minutes
Ralph Hauwert – UnitZeroOne :: The Discontinuity
Frank Reitberger – Triangle affairs
Jared Tarbell – The Computational Artifact

Big boys and their litl toys

There is a bit of a change of plan – rather than give an overview talk on open source projects in the community – I’ll be doing my session at Flash on the Beach on Flash Player 10.1 development and the litl webbook.

Ever since Flash and the City earlier this year I’ve been playing around with this somewhat unusual device and am sold on its potential. It is quite unlike the typical hackable geeky gadget I’m usually interested in but opens up opportunities for web enabled content feeds around the house and of course uses my favorite development platform.

I’ll be talking about how you can get started developing channels for this device using the developer SDK and test your work in the simulator or on the device itself. We’ll walk through various examples of channels and look at some creative use cases. I’ll also be covering best practices for Flash Player 10.1 on devices in general.

It’s going to be a fun session and will hopefully inspire you to start experimenting with Flash Player 10.1 content on the litl or a variety of other devices and form factors that are hitting the market.

Hope to see you there!

Adobe Flash Platform Summit coming soon

I was happy to hear Adobe is organizing a huge two day conference in Bangalore, India on August 25th and 26th. The Adobe Flash Platform Summit will no doubt be the place to be if you want to learn about their latest technologies and network with other industry professionals. The first day will cover mostly development and the second day is targeted at designers.

I’ve been lucky enough to speak at both the Adobe DevSummit and Flex@Beach in Chennai and I look forward to being at this event as well representing our small web agency, Project Cocoon.

Now for the even better news, I have some discount codes I can give away to people interested to attend that give you almost 70% off on the ticket price. If you are interested and want to get one, just leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on the future of the Flash Platform. What features would you like to see supported? How do you see the technology being adopted in India? Are there any obstacles to overcome?

The three most creative entries also get a book of their choice thanks to Friends of ED. Winners will be contacted on Thursday evening IST, so please leave a valid email address. If there are more entries than I have available discount codes the winners will be randomly chosen.

Hope to see you in Bangalore this August!

Speaking at Flash Israel

I’m very excited to have been invited to speak at Flash Israel in Tel Aviv later this month. The event is organized by the Flash and Flex Israel User Group and supported by a number of generous sponsors.

It looks like a great lineup of speakers including Mihai Corlan of Adobe, Hillel Coren and Almog Koren and an event not to be missed! My session will be part of an Adobe AIR 2,0 deep dive with Almog where I’ll cover how to start using the new features to create cross-platform desktop applications through various examples.

There are less than a handful of tickets still available so if you want be there you need to hurry to register!
It’ll be my first visit to Israel so looking forward to seeing some of the country during my few days there. If anyone wants to meet up while I’m over feel free to get in touch!

Adobe User Group Belgium – CS5 launch event

It was the first time I’ve made it out to an Adobe User Group Belgium meeting since their relaunch and have to say I was very impressed.

We had a fantastic venue in Antwerp and several speakers from Adobe to show off the latest features in Creative Suite 5 that was just shown to the public the day before. The video introduction done for the Belgian user Group by Johnny Loiacono, Adobe’s Senior Vice President of the Creative Solutions Business Unit, was a nice way to kick start the evening.

On a personal note I’m very impressed where they’ve taken it since the humble beginnings of the Macromedia User Group with Serge Jespers and myself. I for one would never have guessed that we’d end up doing regular events of this scale, their ambitious goals are definitely becoming a reality.

I’m happy to see a real community resurgence around Adobe products and technologies, another testament of which was the recent launch of the ColdFusion User Group Belgium.

The next meeting is on April 29th covering Rich Internet Applications and will include among other things a session on LiveCycle ES2 Mosaic and a Flex framework panel discussion (the event will be in English).

Find out more here:


Flash and the City schedule

Flash and the City banner

The first edition of the Flash and the City conference is 34 days away and thought I’d post a list of sessions I’m planning to attend.

Friday, May 14th
Adobe Keynote
Ryan Stewart – Geolocation and Mapping with the Flash Platform
Ben Stucki – Reflex: The Future of Rich Internet Applications
Jeff Tapper – Flex 4 for Flex 3 Developers
Jesse Freeman & Jobe Makar – Real World Optimization
Carl Sorvino – Chasing the Muse – Inspiration and Creativity
Lisa Larson-Kelly – FMS:S Streaming and Beyond!

Saturday, May 15th
Kevin Hoyt – Flex + Phidgets = Beer
Branden Hall – HYPE: Combining Creativity & Code
Chad Udell – Hacking Robots for Fun and Profit
Joel Hooks – Robotlegs in the Real World
Kevin Schmidt – CFaaS-ColdFusion as a Service
Session Panel: Devices with Flash
Jesse Warden – Gaia Flash Framework
Christian Saylor – The Art of Storytelling

Sunday, May 16th
Seb Lee-Delisie – Space Invaders
Phillip Kerman – Thinking in ActionScript
Simeon Bateman – Getting Git
Stacey Mulcahy – Developing for the Social Media Douchebag
Wade Arnold – The Web’s Shortest path from A-Z is PHP
Jeffry Houser – Flex Components in the Real World
Duane Nickull – SEO Secrets, Technology, and Magic Behind Flash

Seriously, how cool is that lineup? Its not too late to join the party, at only $299 (or $249 for students) until May 7th and it includes a New York cruise and dinner and access to numerous activities in the city track. There’s also a great series of workshops on May 13th you can register for.

Also, don’t forget to nominate people for the Flash and the City awards! Be sure to leave a comment if you’re planning to attend.

Looking back at Flex@Beach

Yesterday, myself and two colleagues from Project Cocoon made it out to Chennai for Flex@Beach. I did not really know what to expect from the event but was happily surprised about the turnout and excitement around Flex and Flash Platform technology in general.

There was a lot of focus on frameworks and architecture as well as some technology demo’s and a bit of talk on methodologies. I think you couldn’t do a much better session lineup than this for a developer crowd.

Parsley Introduction – Chandra Deepan
Mate Introduction – Devaraj
AS3Signals – Peter Elst
FLAR demo application – Senthil Kumar
AIR 2.0 Features and Demo – Ganesh Gandhi
Flex 4 Spark Framework – Alaguvel
Flash Catalyst Workflow – Michaël Chaize
Scrum Agile Methodology – Sakthivel
Robotlegs Introduction – Devaraj
WebORB .NET & Flex Integration
Away3D Introduction – Iyswarya

I particularly liked the short Away3D session by Iyswarya that closed the day and hope she can do a more in depth one next time. Since doing the Away3D workshop in Frankfurt last year I’ve been very interested in using it more for production work and think I will pick it up again very soon.

Compared to the other talks my AS3Signals session was quite lightweight but it seemed to be well received and its nice to see lots of people excited about the idea of using it in their projects.

As promised here are my slides for the presentation:

The closing remarks by Philippe Moreau from Adam’s Studio India were also representative of a lot of the things I heard from people there. The interest in Flex and Flash Platform technology is picking up at a fast pace in Chennai and they would really like to see more involvement from Adobe in the area.

Ideas such as having an authorized training center and virtual teams for collaborating on projects got brought up and really resonated with people. I think we’re seeing the beginnings of a grass roots movement here, the mood was almost revolutionary. In the coming weeks we at Project Cocoon will also evaluate and see how we can help out to make the ecosystem grow.