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FlashCamp San Francisco video

Sometimes I really wish I worked over in San Francisco — now and again Adobe does these great meet ups, like recently happened with FlashCamp. They’ve put the video of the presentations online including a keynote by CTO Kevin Lynch and the following topics:

These are some really good in depth presentations that I can highly recommend you check out!

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Flash Builder 4 beta – exporting ASDoc documentation

Despite the excellent ASDoc integration added in Flash Builder 4 beta, it seems its still not easy to export to HTML and you need to set it up yourself using an external tool configuration.

I spent some time trying to figure it out and stumbled across a post by Seb Lee-Delisle that gives a good runthrough of how to set it up. Thought it would be useful to show how to set it up in Flash Builder 4 beta.

  • Go to Run > External Tools > External Tools Configurations
  • Select Program (left sidebar) and click the New button to create a new configuration
  • Give your configuration the name “ASDoc”
  • Set the location to “/Applications/Adobe Flash Builder Beta/sdks/4.0.0/bin/asdoc” (the default on Mac) on Windows the default is “C:Program FilesAdobe Flash Builder Betasdks4.0.0binasdoc.exe”
  • For Working Directory you can set it to ${project_loc}, this is a variable that always point to the location of your current project
  • Finally you set up some arguments, assuming you put your code in the default “src” folder:
    -source-path src
    -doc-sources src
    Those arguments set your source directory and tell the ASDoc tool to recursively go through all classes in that folder and its subfolders and generate the documentation.


ASDoc setup

To run the ASDoc tool and export your documentation to HTML, select your project and click Run > External Tools > ASDoc. When its finished scanning your code and generating the documentation you’ll find it in a folder in your project called “asdoc-output”. Enjoy!


Flash Builder 4 beta – my favorite features

In case you didn’t know yet, Flash Builder 4 beta (the product previously known as Flex Builder) is now available for download on, as is the beta for Flash Catalyst.

I’ve been playing around with the public beta for a little bit and thought it was worth blogging some of my favorite features in this release when it comes to features in the IDE. Up until now I’ve only tested it with pure ActionScript projects, so might discover some more gems later on.

Generating getter/setter methods

This is a huge time saver, you can now just define your class properties, right-click and select Source > Generate Getter/Setter and you get a useful dialog allowing you to specify how you want that getter and setter method set up. You can make your class property private, rename it, specify if you want the getter and/or setter, set up its access modifier and even define where you want those generated methods to get added in your code.

Generate Getter/Setter

SWC introspection

If you work with library projects or third party SWC files you can now introspect those and figure out its packages, classes and methods. SWC files generated with Flash Builder 4 can also have their ASDoc comments embedded.

SWC introspection

ASDoc integration

ASDoc is a tool that comes with Flash Builder for generating documentation from Javadoc style comments in your Flash Builder projects. There’s now a panel that shows the documentation for a selected property or instance, you also get a tooltip showing the documentation when you hover over them.

As mentioned earlier this also works with SWC files generated from Flash Builder 4, since those can now contain the ASDoc information (increases SWC filesize, but not filesize when exporting a release build).

ASDoc integration

Be sure to give Flash Builder beta a try yourself, I’m very pleased with what I’ve seen so far and am sure it will improve productivity significantly.