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TWiT Live Desktop 2.2 goes open source

It took me a long time to finally get round to it, but have updated the TWiT Live Desktop AIR application and released it as version 2.2. I’ve also gone ahead and made it open source under an MIT license, so feel free to check out the code and I’m open to having contributors to the project.

For those that haven’t tried it yet, TWiT Live Desktop lets you watch a live video stream of Leo Laporte’s TWiT network shows as well as interact in the IRC chatroom and check out the twitter and other feeds.

A lot of people were having problems with the “black screen of death” in the previous version. Those issues luckily seem to be resolved and you now have the option of switching between the various video streams or even go for an audio-only version (just right-click for those options). You also have a feature to take image captures of the video stream.

Some minor improvements include saving your last video feed, window size and position when you relaunch the application. You can also double click the video to toggle between full screen and normal mode.

Since its an AIR application this runs on Windows, Mac and Linux — if there is enough interest we can port it to support Android devices as well.

The old uservoice page will be faded out and I recommend people to use the issues page on the Google Code project to file any bugs or feature requests.

Note: the application loads in the default video players from the various streaming services and renders them in the background. This means the controls are not accessible to you. I’m working on having custom controls for the application that work across the different video streams.

I have plans for a 2.5 update in the next month and a 3.0 later on that will include the following features:

  • Controls for changing video feed, image capture etc.
  • Twitter stream widget
  • Volume control and mute button support
  • Production schedule interface (with timezone support)

There is built-in support to “check for updates” so when you have the application installed new version will get pushed to you as they become available.

[airbadge]TWiT Live Desktop,, 2.2,

Thanks for everyone’s patience waiting for this update, and Leo and the TWiT team for their support. Enjoy the application and look forward to hearing from users on how to improve it further!



RIA Weekly Podcast

I’m very excited about the project now sponsoring on one of my all time favorite podcasts!

RIA Weekly is a (somewhat weekly) podcast with Michael Coté from Redmonk and Ryan Stewart, Platform Evangelist at Adobe, and the occasional guest.

If you’re at all into Rich Internet Applications that is definitely a podcast you’ll want to subscribe to. Previous episodes already featured news and discussion on Flex, Sprout Builder, Curl, JavaFX, Gears, etc.

Make sure to listen to episode #17 for a special offer that you might want to take advantage of!

Stay tuned for Skip Intro

I’m happy to announce that Keith Peters is joining the Skip Intro podcast as a co-host and the next episode is just around the corner!

We’ve got some great content lined up for episode 3 and moving forward have plans to make it more interactive, have guests over for round table discussions, do interviews and take your questions.

Its really great to have Keith working with me now, it sure breaths new life into the project and we should now be able to turn out episodes on a more regular basis. Just finishing up editing the recordings and you can expect a new show in the next couple of days.

In the meanwhile, check out the new home base for the podcast:

Skip Intro looking for co-hosts

I just got back from a fantastic weekend in London, was practically on the verge of a burnout so did a world of good to get away from work for a day or two . Looking at my to do list I’ve had to come to the conclusion that finishing up my podcast recordings will not be something I’ll manage in the next few weeks.

That said, rather than have the podcast bleed to death while I get through my backlog of work, I’m on the lookout for some people to help out with hosting the show. As you know the basic idea is to cover news and events as it happens in the Flash community. Those involved would take turns in presenting an episode, with the aim of doing some co-presentation work moving forward.

If you’re interested just drop me an email with your motivation and I’ll get back to you asap!

Skip Intro – Episode 2

It took me a bit longer than expected to get this second episode of the podcast out but here it is, talking about Flash and DRM and community news and events.


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Skip Intro – Episode 1

Here it finally is, despite having a bit of a cold, my first episode of Skip Intro — a bi-weekly podcast where I talk about Flash platform news and events.

Audio quality needs some improvement but please bear with me for now.


Happy holidays everyone!

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Podcasting gear arrived!

woohoo, my recording gear finally arrived… got myself a nice little setup with a Samson C01U condensor mic; shockmount, pop filter and table stand. Its not the most advanced piece of equipment but price/quality wise this is a pretty sweet deal, especially if the main purpose is simple voice recording — and the sound quality is actually much better than I had anticipated.

I’m aiming to get a first podcast out before the holidays, if you’ve got any questions about Flash/Flex or multimedia in general or want to share your view on whats happening in the community drop me a line (or even better, whip up an audio comment ;)) and I’ll more than likely include it in one of the upcoming episodes.

Stay tuned for more news on this!